Project activities are based on complete preparation of documentation in the area of territorial planning, building permit proceeding and construction order according the Building act.
Always have a design activity for construction done before every construction.

From project point of view we completed these constructions:

Within our design activities we provide:

1. Project (design) documetation

Project documentation, in other words construction documentation, is inevitable for every construction or re-construction. Project documentation for building permission must be in line with statement of the Building Authority and other administration authorities, optionally property owners in the neighbourhood. Even the proposal should already include all the comments and should be in line with building standards and notices. Preparation of project documentation belongs among so called specified construction activities according § 158 of the Building Act and it can be only prepared by authorized persons registered in ČKAIT and ČKA. We are able to prepare following project (design) documentations:

a) for territorial (country) planning

The subject of the documentation for country planning is the construction purpose and its position in the ground, including the connection to public and transport infrastructure. The outcome of country planning process is the decision/permit about the position of the construction in line with the Building act and related regulations.

b) for building permission

When the country planning permission is issued; preparation of design documentation for building permission follows. The design documentation is submitted for the building permit proceeding.

c) assign the construction to suppliers/developers

Project (design) documentation for assignment of the construction includes information for the tender for construction developer, such as building budget and bill of quantities.

2.Documentation for building permit/notification

We prepare the documentation for building permit, i.e. documentation for the building permit proceeding and issue of the building permit, eventually the notification.

3. Documentation for the final inspection approval

Documentation for final inspection approval includes all the documents that the building authority (office) can required during the proceeding. List corresponds to the particular construction. Our company is able to prepare such a documentation according the extent and construction type.

4. Construction budget

Construction budget includes assembly, earthwork and engineering work and Services and supply of materials and technology equipment necessary for the construction. After the appraisal of individual items, the overall building costs are estimated. The budget is based on project (design) documentation for the construction.

5. Preparation of architectural studies

Important phase of construction preparation is the development of architectural study. We offer personal approach and cooperation necessary for formulation of detailed definition, needs and possibilities of the client. Using proposals and consultations we help to find optimum living/housing solution that will reflect the life-style of the investor.



„Advisory and consulting activities, preparation of professional studies and reviews“
We ensure full services for investors as well as construction suppliers during the preparation phase, within the construction and by the final inspection proceedings.

Examples of our successful engineering activities and projects:

Our engineering activities include:

1. Documentation for country planning

We ensure the documents for country planning documentation.

2. Discussion of construction intention

We provide consultancy relating to ideas and requirements of the builder on the future construction (size and shape of the building, interior and exterior requirements, way of usage, price, type of delivery/construction, etc.). We offer Construction studies for detailed and precise construction intention or variants of solutions.

3. Country planning approval

We provide all necessities for the Country planning approval:

a) building position and equipment (hereinafter „approval of building position”),

b) change of the ground usage,

c) change of the construction and change of the construction’s influence on the ground usage,

d) division or consolidation of the land,

e) protective area.

4. Building permit/permission

The building permit is issued by the Building Office as a result of building permit proceeding. It includes mandatory condition of the construction realization and usage and decision on the objections of the building permit proceedings‘ participants.

5. Water permission and further decisions within the preparation phase of the construction

The permission of the Water Management Office to treat the surface water and groundwater.

6. Selection of construction’s suppliers

We advise you with the choice or we select the construction’s supplier according the services that we provide as well as according the references.

7. Execution of author supervision

It is about the performance of specified construction activities of the builder – investor of the construction during the construction realization and after its completion – especially quality control of individual construction performance and works during the construction. The scope, extent of activities responsibilities of the executor should be defined in the contract. We are able to advise the preparation and contract content.

8. Execution of technical supervision

The extent of technical supervision is influenced with the size and construction-technological character of the construction. Permanent technical supervision should be secured by the large, technologically complicated constructions, in other cases the investor determines the presents of the technical supervision. We are happy to help you with the definition of sufficient technical supervision according the type and extent of the construction.

9. Construction management

We are able to ensure or provide consultancy on the preparation and investment realisation, financial and cost management, we are experienced in negotiating.

10. Provision of occupation health and safety supervision

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