, a.s., a.s. is the Czech company which was established in 2003. We operate in Prague and the region of Central Bohemia mainly. We are experienced in the construction as well as re-construction of apartments, family houses, commercial interiors (fit centres) and interesting constructions, i.e. lofts, revitalisation and renovation of older buildings – brownfields.




  • carpentry, roofing, plumbing,
  • complete construction and reconstruction of turnkey roofs, attic - roofing, plumbing, carpentry
  • atypical wooden facades and roof coverings incl.their insulation, incl. design of an architect
  • waterproofing and thermal insulation of flat roofs, superheated thermal insulation, plasterboard,
  • We supply Satjam, Ruukki, and Lindab, Tondach, Bramac, KM Beta, Betonpres.



  • complete realization of turnkey, wooden constructions, incl. foundation slab, architect design, design work and building permit,
  • project work, static reviews, housing projects, architecture, free counseling.


We understand how important the continuous education is, therefore we participate and complete various trainings, seminars and workshops. – our certificates and qualifications

Examples of realized constructions with delivery of project and engineering activities

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